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Let’s Shop!


Are you ready? Gifting season is upon us, and we have more than 300 different vendors ready to help you clear your list over three weekends at Fetch Holiday Markets!

We get it, though — four stories of holly-jolly happenings is a lot to explore, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the merriment of it all. To help you get a head-start on planning, we’ve put together a gift guide featuring some of our most dedicated Fetch vendors — from local jewelry and art to internationally-sourced shoes and more!

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You know who they are. The Rocky Mountains are part of their genetic make-up. The Colorado rivers run in their veins. John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High plays when they enter a room. Whether they’re new or a lifer, they’ll let you know how much they love Colorado. Show them how much you get them with one of these gifts.

Craig Moodie Designs
this reclaimed wood piece is a stunning addition to any Colorado-lovers home. Originally from Scotland, creator Craig Moodie now lives locally in Denver. Available weekend 3.
show your Colorado pride on the daily with this COLOLOVE trucker hat. COLOLOVE is all about the state pride, though. Find more than hats at their booth and online. Available weekends 2 & 3.
Rocky Mountain Posters
If there’s a place you love in Colorado, you can probably find a poster for it with these folks. For Denver natives, we especially love the Union Station and Cheesman Park. Available all three weekends.
Hand-knitted, funky and exclusive to Aksels — another local brand. We love this fusion of patriotic colors and Colorado pride all in one hat. Available weekends 2 and 3.
Fish Kiss
Rep Colorful Colorado with this indoor-outdoor pillow from Fish Kiss. Homesick for another state? They’ve got a full roster printed on towels, platters and more. Available all three weekends.


You know who they are. You see their #SelfCareSunday posts every week. They meditate, they journal, they call a 12-episode Netflix binge a “moment of reflection.” Whether they find self-care in a beauty regime, a cozy blanket or the right pair of socks, you know they’re going to ‘gram these gifts.

Leanna Organics
Leanna Organics creates high-quality skincare products using Colorado-grown CBD extract. This hydrating face cream is great for the dry Colorado weather with sea buckthorn and watermelon extract. Available all three weekends.

Mountain Time Soap
Born in Golden, Colorado, this made-from-nature soap brand is the perfect addition to your shower routine. Try their shampoo bars, classic soaps or spice it up and join their Adventure Soap Club. Available all three weekends.
How can you resist something called The Cocoon? The mother-daughter duo behind Albrea has created a cozy line that extends to throws, wraps, scarves and more — all using their signature stretchy, comfortable fabric. Available all three weekends.

Bespoke Provisions
Bespoke Provisions rests its mission on bringing cozy, classic European kitchen culture to everyone. That includes these hand-poured soy candles with a crackling wood-wick. More than ten scents available, but we love the Oak-Barrel Cider. Available all three weekends.

Show your feet some love with these colorful Colorado nature-inspired socks. Your feet will thank you – trust us. Available weekends 2 and 3.
Tractor Beam Apparel
If you like your self-care with a side of sass, you won’t want to miss these socks from Tractor Beam Apparel. Zero *FOX* given, okay? Weekend 1 only!


You know who they are. Summer or winter, they’re gone on the weekends. They’d live in a tent or van full-time if it paid to go rogue. You can spot the beard or the dirty hiking boots from a mile away, but you can probably smell them first. Help them up their gear game with these gifts.

This hoody was made by and for Colorado adventurer seekers. The fabric dries quickly and breathes well, making it great for all outdoor activities, from backpacking to snowboarding — the hood even fits over a helmet! Available all three weekends.
Corbeaux products are made from post-consumer recycled materials, so you can feel good about helping the environment while you’re out enjoying it. This elastic-free women’s pant is a brand favorite! Available all three weekends.
Mountain Goat
You’re less than $30 away from never carrying your winter sports equipment again. Next time you’re lugging everything through a parking lot or up a mountain, we guarantee you’ll wish you pulled the trigger on this at the market. Available weekends 2 and 3.
Forget documenting your outdoor conquests on the ‘gram. These stylish prints allow you to track your adventures on a piece worth bragging about in itself. Created by a Denver-based couple that runs on equal parts art and adventure. Available weekends 2 and 3.
Care Division CBD
After a day of non-stop activity, your muscles are aching for recovery, but we all know true outdoor lovers don’t always want to wait. While we love all of their products, this CBD Pain Relief Cream from Carefree will allow your muscles to recover naturally so you can get back at it. Weekend two only.
Maroon Bell Outdoor
We love Maroon Bell because their pieces are fashionable, durable enough to handle the outdoors and created by a fourth-generation Colorado native. These flannels are light, flexible and oh-so comfortable. Available all three weekends.


You know who they are. They’ll tell you immediately. For F&B lovers, every meal is a sacred ceremony. No bite is an accident. No sip goes unplanned. And don’t you dare suggest they dine at Applebees. They probably have every standard food & beverage gift already in their kitchen, so give them something new to sink their teeth into.

Alpine Start
Don’t let the “instant coffee” label fool you — one sip and you’ll see Alpine Start is going to shatter the standard in the industry. Great for camping or any old day… it’s that good. Available as a medium roast, dirty chai and non-dairy coconut creamer latte. Weekends 2 and 3.
The Cranberry Saucer
Everybody knows a cranberry sauce super-fan, and this one’s for them! Designed by a Littleton, Colorado resident, this dish was created to give cranberry sauce the seat at the holiday table that it’s always deserved. (it’s even patented!) Available weekend 3 only.

Five Eggs
Give your friends and family the gift of time this year with a Five Eggs Gift Card. These pre-made, chef-created meals are delivered to your door and can be reheated in 15 – 30 minutes. New menus every week! Available all three weekends.
Prefare Meals
Know someone who wants to get into cooking? Give the gift of Prefare Meals! These gourmet meal kits send you the ingredients and recipes to make dinner easy. Best of all? They partner with Colorado bakers, butchers and more. Available weekends 2 and 3.
BJORN’S Colorado Honey
If you love honey (especially the benefits of the local varieties), you’ve got to grab BJORN’S. Available in a variety of flavors, all BJORN’S honey is from small-batch hives in Denver and Boulder. We love the Propolis as a deliciously sweet immune booster. Available all three weekends.
Bespoke Provisions
Bespoke Provisions salts are a staple in the kitchens of many Colorado home cooks. Spice-lovers will adore the Sriracha Sea Salt — it’s addictively tangy and good on everything. Explore all of their salt flavors all three weekends.
St. Bernie’s CBD
Know someone who’s CBD-obsessed? Wow them with this sampler candy-cane from St. Bernie’s CBD. Inside you’ll find holiday gum and Bernie’s bears in holiday flavors including peppermint schnapps and cherry cordial. Available weekends 2 and 3.


You know who they are. They bleed red, white, and blue. They still say the pledge of allegiance every morning. They yell “‘Merica!” after taking a shot, and they’d wear an “I Voted” sticker every day if they could commit and still keep their friends. It’s illegal to gift a bald eagle, so maybe try one of these gifts.

Fish Kiss
Can’t settle on just one state? Rep them all with this America platter from Fish Kiss. Oven-safe, dish-washer safe, and in true patriotic fashion, it’s manufactured in the good ole’ USofA. Available all three weekends.
Craig Moodie
Similar to the Colorado flag, Craig Moodie makes American Flag pieces so beautiful that we had to include a shot for you to see the wood detail on those stars! America the beautiful, indeed.

Craig Moodie
It’s like those “house divided” sports stickers, but better. Show your international divide with a custom piece by Craig Moodie, like this US-UK mash-up. Available weekend three only.
Tractor Beam Apparel
We get it – it’s a weird time in politics. If you need your patriotism to take more of a stance, we’re not going to stop you. We’ll just point you to the Tractor Beam Apparel table, available weekend one only.


You know who they are. Beauty surrounds them, and if they can’t say the same for you, you’ll know. Everything has a vibe — from the bedroom to the bottom of their purse. Even their underwear drawer has a theme. Add to the #aesthetic with a few of these pieces from local artists, makers and more.

Dolan Geiman
Dolan Geiman has been a Fetch favorite for years. While we always love his iconic faux-taxidermy pieces, his originals and prints aren’t to be missed either — like this Vaquera Sudoeste beauty. Available all three weekends.
Arsenal Wares by Blake Hunter
Artist Blake Hunter has everything that inspires — from prints and jewelry to greeting cards and apparel. We love it all, but can’t stop staring at this moody To The Moon print. Browse the entire Arsenal Wares collection all three weekends.
Noelle Phares Art
Noelle Phares Art would be a breath-taking addition to any home. This local artist brings landscapes to life with creative texturing and abstract detail. Grab a print or original of her works all three weekends.
Red Wolf Gallery
This local Denver art gallery showcases a wide range of energizing pieces from Matt Verges, Cody Kuehl, Cassandra Elaine Dixon and Amanda Vela-Charbonneau (pictured above). Available all three weekends.


You know who they are. When it comes to accessories, the limit does not exist. The shoe closet is bursting and the jewelry box is a barracks, but there’s always room for “just one more little thing.” Although an intervention may be a practical gift, that kind of negativity is not welcome here, you downer! Get them another! Save the soul-searching for the new year.

Anatolia Arts
This local jewelry maker brings the beauty found deep in the Mediterranean to the Rocky Mountains. How gorgeous are these crystal rings? Explore her entire eclectic mix at the markets every weekend.
Beth Van De Water
Beth Van De Water is a Colorado native, but her Isabelle Charm has a more international mission. $10 from each sale of the Isabelle charm goes to the Belle Voir Fund to help fight climate change. Available weekend 2.

Arsenal Wares
Quirky. Statement-Making. Prehistorically Awesome. These Rex Skull earrings from creator Blake Hunter are made from laser-cut wood hardboard that would have otherwise gone to waste. Available all three weekends.

These up-cycled felted wool and leather mid-top boots are made in Portugal. Each style is limited-edition, as they’re made from “deadstock” materials that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Available weekends 1 and 2.
These textured beauties were made in Portugal with premium embossed European leather. Stylish and comfortable, the lady in your life will reach for these on the daily. Available weekends 1 and 2.
Maroon Bell Outdoor
Rugged-yet-stylish, these bison-hide gloves from Maroon Bell are soft, snug and stronger than cowhide. They’ll be a staple in any man or woman’s winter wardrobe. Available all three weekends.