Fetch Fridays 3.1.19 - Fetch

Fetch Fridays 3.1.19


Hello, folks – welcome to our first “Fetch Fridays” blog post! As you may have noticed, we announced our new company name, Fetch, this week – and yes, we are in fact “making Fetch happen”. Thanks to all of the folks who helped us share the news, including 303 Magazine and Denver Post.

Our team is stoked to keep the excitement rolling with Fetch Spring Market in April and the opening of Fetch Shop later in Spring. (For those of you who might have missed it, be sure to read a letter from our founder about the change!).

As we wrap up a busy yet rewarding week and head into the first weekend of March, we’re feeing grateul for our awesome community of Flea-to-Fetch fans and hope you’ll keep joining us here and IRL in the months to come.

Now, without further ado, here are a few things are team found fetching this week:

For you Trader Joe’s fans out there – this ongoing Bon Appetit series about new TJs products is A+.

For you Marvel Fans out there (RIP Stan Lee) Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8 and our Social Media Director and big Marvel nerd, Megan, can’t wait to see how Brie Larson performs as Carol Danvers.

Blake’s upped his “basics” game this week with colorful new crew socks from Arvin Goods and an eternally classic knit tee from Oil & Lumber.

Free things to do in Denver this month.

HBO’s Game of Thrones officially won Twitter this week, releasing character emojis and some intense posters ahead of the April debut. Hosting a few Game of Thrones Watching Parties? These Lemon Cakes will keep everyone leaving their seats for more (so maybe keep them close).

The latest page turner on Devon’s bedside table.

Chefs, both homegrown and those who recognize Colorado as the place to be, have taken the local culinary scene to new heights, so much so that the prestigious James Beard Awards has recognized it as so. Read up on the nomination news here.

Rachael’s getting her wardrobe ready for spring with these v cute Tom’s sandals.

Spinning on our Spotify’s this weekend: Solange’s new album. 

A few products to help you show your dry skin some love, as winter is still hanging around.

Because an affordable Dutch oven tops all of our lists here at Fetch HQ, consider it done…and well ahead of all our spring cooking.

Add this one to your weekend reading list to (hopefully) put any insecurities at ease – “your flaws are probably more attractive than you think they are.”

Things to do on a conference call.

Low temps and more now are heading our way this weekend – which calls for cozy nights in, hearty meals and indulgent desserts like this cake Devon’s serving on Saturday.

Also, because it’s going to be a cold weekend – a new season of Chef’s Table is now on Netflix and it looks GOOD.